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Originally posted by steffenromeiss

press the desired mix and then hold PRE/POST Button and press select of that mix.
That should change the status for the whole mix.

Yes, I use that shortcut all the time, my point is that I have to do it every time I set a mono channel to stereo, or a stereo channel to mono, and that is annoying, especially if you are running 10 AUX outputs.
It has bit me a few times when I am only using 4 AUX for a show, and then the next week pull up a few more and those are still set to POST for a couple channels because they weren’t exposed on the board last week when I made a stereo change. I then start a sound check assuming everything is good and don’t find out till part way into it that a couple AUX with a couple channels are set POST because I didn’t see them last week and the board defaulted that way.

I would much rather be able to tell the console “hey, I am always wanting my AUX outputs to default to PRE when you reset a channel.”