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Originally posted by stephenwolf

I really need a way to set all AUX to default to pre-fader. Every time I make changes to stereo/mono channels I then have to remember to set every output to PRE again. (after waiting the really long time for the board to make the stereo change)
And I need the shortcut for assigning all channels for a given output as pre or post (hitting mix on the output and then holding the pre/post button while selecting that output mix) to work without having to clear the screen selection first. Right now if you are doing mixer config, or looking at an effect, or channel naming, etc etc; the shortcut apply all won’t work.

not in front of my surface right now but you can ” control/click” (in editor) on the auxes mix button and select all pre or any other flavour you need..also saving basic scenes of your layout works really well..