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I agree that it takes a very long time. We use our system in a church and are sometimes making stereo/mono channel changes on a weekly basis depending on the stage layout that week and it is very annoying to have to wait the couple min for the change to apply while doing the stage setup and board layout leading up to rehearsal.
I also find it very annoying that this change then resets all the aux outs for that channel to post fader and I have to remember to fix that every time or else it will bite us later on.
We now just have several channels spread around the stage that stay set to stereo all the time so that we can minimize the board reprogramming and I think it is sad that we have to work around this annoyance.
A stereo/mono change shouldn’t be equivalent to such a big operation. In it’s simplest form on an analog console it would just require panning the two channels and taping the faders together. That is like 10 seconds. :-)
And I would find a “default to Pre Fader” option a life saver! Am I missing that setting somewhere?