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Hi Chads,

I hear your pain … I’ve also had some strange problems with wireless, although to be fair, I think most of them are caused by 3rd party interference from other networks, the ubiquity of smart phones, and that’s just a fact of life I think from now on.

However: you say you just want control. As a suggestion, why not use Tweak for this purpose? The App is really configured to run on iPhone, but I use it on the iPad, and it works flawlessly, with none of the dropout problems that you mention, probably because there is no metering and thus a much lower data transfer loading. I realise that it’s a workaround, and means having both running (I guess), but it would solve your ‘control’ problem.

I effectively do this anyway; once we’ve done soundcheck, I almost exclusively use my iPhone for level changes in the room.

Best of luck!