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The only minor issue you’re going to run into is that all of the iDR outputs are on XLR so you’ll need to change the cabling (or just the plugs, or use adaptors) for the monitor feeds. All outs are line level.

Similarly all inputs are XLR, unless you go for the modular rack system.

If you’re on 16 channels now then you do need to consider your future needs – you don’t want to go for an iDR16 now then find you need one extra input in 6 months’ time.

iLive editor is fine for running a show, although I find that I do lose the ability to react quickly to changes compared to using a console or surface – with real faders I use a lot of muscle memory and tactile feedback to find the right controls under my fingers, without even having to look a lot of the time. With a laptop you don’t get that – the only feedback is visual.

..which reminds me.. There are some cheap and cheerful MIDI controllers around. I’ll be taking my Behringer BCF to my next mixrack+laptop gig to supplement the iLive Editor controls.