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Correct my if I’m wrong, but am I the only person here who thinks that when you are changing settings in the ‘Mixer Preferences’ like aux out puts, groups, etc. that it takes to long ?
I always have to wait 2 minutes before the system is again operational.
While looking at a DiGiCo, where I worked last weekend with, it took just a few seconds.

So Allen & Heath, a upgrade of something like the GPU or HDD / FLASH to speed up this would very appreciated …

T112 – iDR48 – Dante

It only takes a couple of seconds with my Midas … but … the Midas requires you to individually patch in all the new GEQs and effects after you have done this and the layout of the desk is fixed. The iLive does all of this for you, and the desk layout is flexible, so it’s doing a lot more work when you reconfigure things.