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hej guys,

i would appreciate for some help. I can’t seem to get to work foh/mon split via dante. I record via dante so i know how it works. Both dantes and my macbook pro are connected to trendnet teg-s5g gigabit switch. Everything is showing in dante controller. I named these two cards as idr10 and idr32. I want to set up idr10 and 144 surface as the master and it goes to FOH. Under mixrack audio sync i set its clock to internal and outputs port b:dante ch1 to mixrack inputs (exactly the same when i record). Then i set idr32 and t80 audio clock source to mix rack port b. I change ch1 preamp input to port b dante 1. Everything is green ticked on both ilives.
Now on dante controller my idr10 clock status is set to master and preferred master + slave to external word clock are also ticked. Primary link speed for both cards show 1Gbps. But when i route idr10 ch1 to reciever idr32, although it turns green to indicate that a connection has been established, audio from idr10 ch1 to idr32 ch1 does not pass through??
Help would be much obliged :)