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Fingers crossed I articulate this clearly:

When a scene is originally built, bank 1, fader 1 is Channel 1. Bank 2, fader 1 is Channel 13 (on my desk – the T80)

When inputs are deleted, instruments are changed, artists are removed, the “faders” are rearranged, but the channel numbers stick. This is because **I** am more comfortable assigning faders in the surface screen vs. copying/pasting info into a new fader. Ya, I gotta master that.

So now, let’s say my bank 1, fader 5 is channel 14 – which, logically, it should be channel 5 (OCD here, hang with me HAHA!) Your solution would be to copy/paste that channel into an unused channel buried down in bank 4 somewhere – which would change the channel number and THEN copy/paste it back into it’s desired position – finally correcting the channel number issue?

….and do I even need to worry about the channel numbers? Maybe I’m getting all spun up for no reason.

Peace! Always!

The question is how do the channel numbers/name relate to the patch sheet? In reality it doesn’t matter what the channel number is if the channel on the surface has a name. What does matter is what slot on the rack that channel refers to.

My idr is actually labelled 1-48 with sticky labels so if I want say a mic to appear at position 1 on bankA I just press ALt view and the channel/slotnumber is there so there is no room for confusion. In your example would you expect your fader 5 channel 14 to represent the source plugged into slot 5/a5 or slot 14/B6 ?

I agree sorting it out with editor would be the easiest way, although I would probably start from scratch!