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Hey Fredrick, I have to disagree with you regarding the processing order on the iLive system, have a look at the manual and you will see the insert point post hpf and gate, pre eq, comp etc.
In an output the insert is pre everything.
You can find all this lovely tech stuff on the pdf at this link.

The way the insert point is represented at the top of your channel strip GUI is not correct, I assume it’s there because it’s a function you hit once during setup, not for actual operation..

Doing the connections as I have mentioned in my previous post does not roule out any other connections you might want to have with 3rd party programs. The driver can be used by multiple programs on one machine.

The advantage of routing all the ip via the insert point on soundgrid via multirack SG is that you can create groups of latency management, so you keep a “sample coherent” system, IE all signals are lined up to have the same latency.

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