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I don’t know how to block quote on this forum…

“With regards to organising channels I am assuming the slots on the racks are out of whack in which case just alter the slots on each preamp. If this is not the case then copy and paste the information to where you want it.”

Fingers crossed I articulate this clearly:

When a scene is originally built, bank 1, fader 1 is Channel 1. Bank 2, fader 1 is Channel 13 (on my desk – the T80)

When inputs are deleted, instruments are changed, artists are removed, the “faders” are rearranged, but the channel numbers stick. This is because **I** am more comfortable assigning faders in the surface screen vs. copying/pasting info into a new fader. Ya, I gotta master that.

So now, let’s say my bank 1, fader 5 is channel 14 – which, logically, it should be channel 5 (OCD here, hang with me HAHA!) Your solution would be to copy/paste that channel into an unused channel buried down in bank 4 somewhere – which would change the channel number and THEN copy/paste it back into it’s desired position – finally correcting the channel number issue?

….and do I even need to worry about the channel numbers? Maybe I’m getting all spun up for no reason.

And yes, we want to build to 1 show per artist and 1 scene for each song. Thanks for that confirmation in my thinking….

Many thanks for the double-patching solution. Will give it a go tonight!

Peace! Always!