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Originally posted by woutert
If that is so, then why is there a sub level control per channel when using an LRsub set-up?

Because people going for “subs off aux” are used to it. Most of them never think about the implications and consequences. If A&H just put a button for “sub on/off” for this matter, a lot of people would ask “how can we set a level?”. They are a manufacturer and not responsible for you to use the equipment properly.

Also, we have a adjustable highpass on each input, and if that’s not enough, we can switch the lowest EQ band to a highpass too. You can work a lot more precise with those controls than with a “per channel highpass set by the PA manufacturer/the system operator” (cause that’s what “subs off aux” actually is). Subs off aux is completely unnecessary and a waste of busses on a full fledged digital mixer. It was an idea in the old days to overcome shortcomings of cheaper mixing desks, and some people took this “technique” along on their way to the top.