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Hey there! I just started a job in a theatre where I use an iLive 144 going to an IDR10 then an IDR32. I have never really used midi that much, but would like to send a midi signal into my computer running q lab. I would prefer to send the signal using a user defined key to allow me to just hit go. I’m kind of lost with the custom midi string vs. midi note stuff from qlab. I don’t want to send the go command with scene changes because I may have multiple sounds with in the same scene and the slow scene recall in the iLive, (another issue that is probably user error.) Any help would be appreciated.

I use this the other way around, triggering iLive scenes etc. from my Qlab rig, if your scenes only contain what’s needed or different from previous scenes then it is quite fast…….Qlab has a capture mode in the “triggers” page that will listen to the message sent from your midi device (iLive in your case) and capture this as the trigger for the cue you are working on in Qlab…..in Qlab just launch the help file and search for triggers tab……

hope that helps