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Nice update but I’m confused on the multiband compressors.

How are you all going to use these? I was expecting these to be on the channels as a compressor “type” (like the new EQ’s) not an effect . I don’t buss inputs to a compressor like a reverb? Am I missing something?


You can use the multiband compressors as any other effect, as an insert on any given input channel. This uses up FX buses in your mixer configuration, so it doesn’t work the same way as the per-channel compressors / limiters, but it achieves the desired effect. How many multi-band compressors would you need?! We are using the new, fantastic multi-band compressors as a normal FX, as a ‘voice of god’ for the singers to talk to the audience between numbers, and it works GREAT! :-)

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Ahh, I see it now! Thanks, I was indeed missing something!