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The T loop is mono and the overflow room is stereo, but a mono feed would be fine. I’ll feed this stereo though, because I need a stereo mix for the USB record. The T loop would probably need a different mix, I’m not sure what it’s like being in the room with the room mic in your ear. I’ll give it a mono mtx or one side of LR if we need more buses on a busy day.

I’m not actually sure if anyone even uses the loop system or of they just use their hearing aids as normal. I’ll have to try slowly fading up music in it during the service and see if anyone looks confused… [}:)]

For as often as I’ll actually need to send the talkback to the overflow room I could easily pop into the talkback assign page and toggle it on to that mtx. May as well set up a group though, I’ll have a spare (unless I want it for speech).

We don’t actually have a regular band yet, it’ll be whoever we can get from week to week for at least a few months then hopefully we can establish something more regular.

Hopefully we get someone with a keytar too [:p].

Am I right in saying that I can test these setups on the T80 in the editor as long as I leave 10 mix outs unused?

Thanks again,