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The ADT is a vocal doubler. Currently we use an MX200 (Dual FX Processor) from Lexicon for our FX processing with our Allen and Heath GL3 (REALLY OLD CONSOLE!!). I have it set up with a Plate on Processor One and a Chorus on Processor Two. This helps get the vocals out over the band. We have a really loud drummer, so the rest of the band has to be brought up to the level of the drummer.

We won’t have to worry about sending to another room in the situation we will be in. We will be getting Dante with this console so we can multi-track record and playback for virtual soundcheck.

I’m not sure what kind of instruments you have, but here is how I would Sub-Group in your situation.

ST Sub-Groups 1-4 would be for the band (Drums, Guitars, Keys, Vocals perhaps)
Mono Groups 1-2 would be for the Room Mic and for Speech if you desire.

I would use a ST Matrix for your PA, and 2 Mono Matricies for your T-Loop and Overflow Room. The two Mono Matricies would receive a summed mix from your main Left/Right Buss since I can only assume these are both mono systems.

I would personally send your speech and whatever doesn’t need to be grouped straight to LR. This keeps the complexity out of the system. Digital Consoles are complex enough in their own right, so the more basic the setup the better.

Just my 2 pennies worth!