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That’s very close to what mine is turning out to be aswell. :)

Is that ADT on a send for the weaker singers? [;)] I might have to try that.

How do you normally set up sends to recordings and other rooms? My current idea is to feed the recording and the overflow room from the same stereo matrix. This would get the LR mix and the room mic “group” (only one input in this group but it’s the only way to get it to the mtx) I may put talkback in the other group if I want to talk to the overflow room and not the PA.

In the UK we have to have an induction loop to provide a direct feed to hearing aids. I’m feeding this off a mono matrix because I doubt the people in the room want to hear the room mic :) I could get away with giving this one side of the LR if I was short on buses some day.