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It’s a bit confusing about the matrix. You can’t do it but it makes it look like you can. If you have LR “MIX”ed and then you “MIX” a matrix, the assign function on the inputs (hold assign and press mix) remains functional for LR. I’d have assumed that if you’ve “MIX”ed a matrix you would be seeing assigns to that matrix, but apparently not…

I found this out using the editor, thanks for that tip. [8D]

I’m currently just using inputs, groups, LR and it’s working fine. It’s probably going to be a lot easier if I just use LR for it’s intended function. [:I]

Current plan is to not do the overall band group as it will make things much easier. I’ll run all the music through groups, and maybe speech too, media can go straight to LR.

This will be LR MIX. I’ll feed the left and right of the PA from a matrix creatively named PA LR. I’ll do any GEQ etc. for the PA on that matrix so I can send a non GEQ’d version to the recording, overflow room etc.

I’ll have a play around in the editor with setting up the “automatic room mic when band plays” thing.