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Originally posted by Mario Sigl

Hey Peter,

For the differences between the GEQ try:
Help -> Help Content -> FX and Processing -> Graphic EQ.
The Slope of the Multiband-Compressor can be changed between 6dB, 18 dB and 24 dB by pressing the Slope-Button in the upper right corner of the multiband-compressor-window.

By the way: The explanation of the Below-Threshold-Compression/Expansion in the link you posted is very good.



Thanks Mario,

…I was close …[:)]

BTW I love the screen display for the Dynamic EQ and Multiband. I had a couple of BSS901 in my analogue rack. They are a fantastic tool but I often had problems explaining how they work to people … but with iLive and UI you can see it … everyone will just love these.

Only 3 things to do now … less clunky scene management, a “POP” function on the SEL button for the DCA like the Midas, and the big one … give me a copy of the circuit diagram so I can work out a way to dim the EQ/Gate/Comp LEDs separately to channel strip display.