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I’ve been pouring over the block diagram for the GLD, and I don’t see any provision for sending a channel (via assignment) directly to a matrix. The only way I can see it’s possible is through inserting it in the matrix or patching it in through the external input. Also, I see that you have the Main set to “None”, which is typically reserved for using the console to run monitors. Are you able to pan your channels without there being an LR buss in place? Where are your FX returning to, and how are you routing them to the PA and Overflow Matrices?

Thanks for giving me your email, but I don’t have any way of looking at the show file until an editor is created. I don’t actually have a console yet, and it will be some time before that materializes. Also, please don’t think I am trying to tear your setup apart, I’m trying to learn right along with you about the different ways to set this console up.[:)] I know that workflows tend to be different from one audio guy to the next depending on their needs.