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The GLD seems to be able to assign an input directly to a matrix, I’ll confirm this next time I’m down. I’m currently using a DCA in the way you describe, I have it assigned to the delay send master.

I think I used:
5 stereo groups (drums, instruments, vocals, speech, media)
4 mono auxes (monitor wedges)
2 stereo matrix (PA, overflow room)
2 mono matrix (T-loop, spare)
Can’t remember FX, probably whatever mix buses were left over.

We’re still in the middle of the upgrade so there isn’t really a regular input list yet.

I’d attach my show file if there was a way to. [:)]
That could be a cool addition to the forum actually, being able to do that… [8D]

My email address is uxtxixlxixkxexyx@gmail.com without the x’s. If you email me I can reply and attach the show file.