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I’m glad that the setup looks like it will do the trick! I was glad to help out. Now, regarding your question about the Room Mic. First, you can’t assign an input channel directly to a Matrix, to my knowledge, without assigning it to a Sub-Group first. This is a function that is available on some of the higher end consoles, but I know iLive will not even accomodate sending an input directly to a Matrix. Second, it is possible to assign a DCA to a Sub-Group/FX Send/FX Return instead of assigning it directly to the input channel. You have 16 DCAs, so the possibilities are endless.

I would like to help you as much as I can with your setup remembering I have limited knowledge about the console; this will be a great opportunity for knowledge sharing. Would it be possible for you to post your setup (i.e. what groups, matricies, FX sends, AUX sends, etc. you have) so I can see how you are routing things. You don’t have to post your input list unless you just want to.

I know that there is not an editor for the GLD-80 specifically, but you can use the iLive Editor to your advantage when it comes to trying different setups. It’s close enough to the GLD setup. You just have to remember you only have 30 mix busses and 20 mix outputs when you do your console setup in the editor. The iLive has a few more mix busses and mix outputs than the GLD.