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Is there a link anywhere that explains what some of these new features do other than the release notes.

Im very familiar with constant Q and proportional Q GEQs, but what are the attributes of the the Digi Q and hybrid GEQs?

Is the Didi EQ what I know as true response or perfect Q – adjacent bands with the same boost will sum flat without error …. and the hybrid is that half way between proportional and constant Q or is asymmetric with a proportional Q boost and constant Q cut etc. etc?

The multiband compressor is offered as a 3 or 4 band type. It looks like the crossover slopes are different (?) 6dB/oct for the 3 way (I assume for minimum phase error) and 12dB/oct for the 4 band. Is this correct?

FWIW – Im familiar with Dynamic EQs, but if you are not this may help -https://www.bssaudio.com/product_downloads/User_Manuals/dpr901iium.pdf