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That may be true that changes in any bus affect the coherency of the system. But the main problem for uncohereny is the distance between the systems. That is more harmful than any processing.
At least the room adds “processing” that affects the system tuning more than an additional EQ in a separate sub out.
But keep in mind ” less is more”… [:D]


At NEXO, great care is taken to design optimum phase alignment from one octave above to one octave
below the crossover frequency point. By doing so, drivers are working perfectly together and providing
the best efficiency possible. It is then up to the user to adjust the delay on the NX TDControllers to
match the physical path difference of the different systems. It is thus possible to get a well adjusted
system, even without measuring instruments.

That should be standard since the late 90ies… It’s called time alignment.


So, it sounds like I should gang basically everything except level, routing and mute on the sub feed to the mains? I read something in the 1.9 release notes about.. well ill just quote it below, should mean I’ll have no trouble?


Coherent Mix buses
Mix buses of the same type are now time coherent to avoid comb filter effects when combined, for example when mixing Groups together

This quote has nothing to do with the separated outs for subs. It means that the summing of busses was not completly coherent. As in the analog world was always.

So don’t worry about the statement from Nexo. It’s save to use separated sub outs if you do a proper time alignment if your speakers spaced…

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