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I’d have thought the issue is that you’re essentially trying to use two soundcards simultaneously – DVS & the onboard card – not sure if that’s possible with any DAW (and might be pretty unstable for recording via DVS if you could do it). If you return your Dante channels into spare channels in iLive you can PFL there on your surface or from the headphone out on the rack (I usually split my channels as 32 ins on the rack, and 32 Dante returns – I have an iDR48, but most shows that involve recording don’t push me beyond the 32 ins, and that’s what I tell people I have available for recording).

Adam Biggs
T80 surface & iDR48
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with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
Dante card tracking into Reaper with playback via FooBar (PC) or Presonus Capture/Studio One (Mac)