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Relax. We’re just dreaming of what to add to an already outstanding system. Yes I wouldn’t mind pres on the surface. Yes I can add external pres. And more cables. And no recall on settings. Yes I know it will add cost. And I don’t expect A&H to ever offer it. It’s just a wish list.

And what all wi-fi standards have I missed? 802.11g should still work with almost anything and is 9 years old. N is over 3 years old (but my 5 year old MacBook has it). AC is just beginning. So probably a G/N router built in. Just less cables and power supplies to deal with. A&H could also control the firmware and make setting it up a snap. Not that it’s hard as it is, but again. Just a wish list.

As far as something I would absolutely love to see is an adjustable slope on the hpf. That would be excellent and usable by everyone I do believe. :)

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