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Originally posted by Jens Droessler

What did some of you smoke? WiFi integrated? I can’t imagine any good from that!

1. Drop ACE, go for Dante natively
5. Again, ONE band of dynEQ on every channel.
7. Dust proof cooling!

If A&H is doing a completely new system, I have some more possibly interesting ideas never done before.

do you really want preamps in the surface? It’s not a question of ‘can it be done’ its a question of ‘wow that’s expensive’. it’ll add at least $1000 to the price of your surface if you want them at the same quality as the mixrack. You can always carry an 8 channel pre if you find yourself in a bind.
Integrated wifi would be awful. How many wifi standards have been added since iLive was released? i think it’s at least 5….

now, if someone’s really smart, they’ll release a rack mountable wifi router.

The problem is Dante isn’t as fast as ACE. That 1.7ms is pretty darn impressive… Also Dante does not include control data does it? I love the fact that a mixrack is fully contained audio… maybe some hybrid system where surface-mixrack and mix-rack to surface is sent over dante?

Care to share those more radical suggestions?

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