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What did some of you smoke? WiFi integrated? I can’t imagine any good from that! Next thing people will argue about the WiFi quality. Why not integrate a UPS both for surface and mixrack? These are things best left to the people using the system, not for the system builder. IP stuff is not hard to do!
I agree on USB on the surface front, audio recorder (possibly multitrack), more buttons etc. Faster hardware will come anyways.

What I would really like to see:
1. Drop ACE, go for Dante natively
2. More encoders for the display. One encoder alone is a pain in the ass, especially on the R72. Selectable as hard assigned (setting the value of a specific parameter no matter what’s on screen, showing that value as a pop up) or soft assigned (touch the parameter to change and the next knob to turn will be the one for that parameter or similar)
3. Selectable order for channels high pass
4. Effect block with basic speaker management (high pass, low pass in the known flavours, delays for the outputs). Not replace full blown controllers, but enough to drive a drum monitor stack or have something if everything else goes wrong.
5. Again, ONE band of dynEQ on every channel.
6. More effects blocks, since they are used more and more for stuff other than effects (a DSP update would allow that), or instead, an additional multipurpose block for multiband compression, speaker management, etc.
7. Dust proof cooling!

If A&H is doing a completely new system, I have some more possibly interesting ideas never done before.