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Hi All

Apologies for the confusion.

As the person who creates the A&H-specific version of the Dante firmware, I can assure you that the firmware itself has no connection to iLive V1.9; Dante cards are updated using a piece of software from Audinate, having nothing to do with the iLive or GLD update process.

We received the final version of the new Dante firmware on the 2nd of October. Most of our software test effort since then has been going into the new V1.9 iLive firmware, and testing of the new Dante firmware has therefore taken a back seat.

Once V1.9 is released (I do not know when this is happening, as I am not involved in the release process), we will look at testing the new Dante firmware. Once approved, this will be a separate download on the A&H website, and I will make a new forum thread when this new version is available.

I don’t have an estimate for when this might happen, as it is totally dependent on whether our testing uncovers any issues, which might then have to be fixed by Audinate.

I hope this clears up any confusion, and I’m sorry that some of you have been given misleading information.


– Jeff, A&H