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Here is an easy to use gain structure for most consoles digital or analog. Works best with a split mix for the monitors. Most of the touring guys I work with use a simple setup to ensure enough headroom for the pres and the channel strip as a whole, leaving room for EQ boost and dynamics make up gain. Start with the input trim fully attenuated, channel fader to unity, main fader to unity, then turn up the input gain until the desired SPL foer the source is reached. When you have a group of like instruments say drums do this one channel at a time setting each channels volume in the mix with the input gain, once done with the group, eq them all, set your dynamics and “re-mix” them with the input gains. This leaves all you channel faders at unity where they are the most responsive within the audio taper of the fader allowing you to mix using very small fader movements. This method also matches the output of the source to the system better allowing for less bleed and leaving the mic focused on it’s source instead of entire ensemble or band… Give it a try! In analog world this method will give you an excellent signal to noise ratio as an added benefit!