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Ok, I spent a little time looking at your situation. While I don’t actually have a GLD-80 Console (we are looking to get one), I have played with the iLive software enough to understand how it divides out the busses and mix outputs. With that said, you have enough mixes and busses to do what you are planning to do with some modification. Here is what I recommend to you.

First, the LR Main is basically a Stereo Group, so I would just leave it labled as LR. You can lable it BAND if you desire, but I think that would be more confusing than helpful. Here is how I would layout your buss structure (NOTE: This is simply my outside look at your situation). I have also included a Buss/Mix Out countdown so you can see how many you have at each stage.

LR (or BAND if you prefer) 28 Busses & 18 Mix Outputs

DRUMS 26 Busses & 16 Mix Outputs
INSTRUMENTS 24 Busses & 14 Mix Outputs
BGVOX 22 Busses & 12 Mix Outputs

FOHPA 22 Busses & 10 Mix Outputs
OVERFLOW 22 Busses & 8 Mix Outputs

WDG1 21 Busses & 7 Mix Outputs
WDG2 20 Busses & 6 Mix Outputs
WDG3 19 Busses & 5 Mix Outputs
WDG4 18 Busses & 4 Mix Outputs
SUBS 17 Busses & 3 Mix Outputs
AUX6 16 Busses & 2 Mix Outputs

ST FX: (Only if you want to use it this way. Mono works too, but you will be left with an unused FX Send)
FX1 14 Busses & 2 Mix Outputs
FX2 12 Busses & 2 Mix Outputs
FX3 10 Busses & 2 Mix Outputs

1. DRUMS (Assign DRUMS Sub Group)
3. BAND ALL (Assign DRUMS and INSTRUMENTS Sub Groups)
4. LDVOX (Assign LDVOX Channel)
5. BGVS (Assign BGVOX Sub Group)
6. SPEECH (Assign Pastor/Speech Channel(s))
7. MEDIA (Assign Media Channel(s))
8. LR/SUB (Assign FOHPA Matrix Master and SUB Aux Master. This will allow you to have one-fader control on the main and subs together).

As far as inserting FX on a Sub Group, iLive allows you to do it. So, I can only assume GLD will as well since they are basically built on the same platform. Don’t quote me on that. You will need to play around in the console to see if it’s possible.

Hope this helps! Anyone reading this…If you see where I have made a mistake, please let me know. Like I said, I do not own a GLD-80, but we are looking to get one for our youth worship room soon. The only time I have looked at the surface in person was at WFX this year.

Scott Morgan