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Getting a very strange issue, whereby editor will get either

‘See’ the rack but come up with a connection error on attempting a connection

‘See’ the rack, come up with the user page, login and get to 13% before dropping the connection…

This is over ethernet, directly into the rack… Any suggestions?

FoH Sound Engineer Plymouth Students Union

Assuming you are just using a computer (rather than a surface) it sounds most likely to be an ip address conflict between your computer and rack. We’re based in Cornwall if we can help any further.


idr-32 & T80 + iPad2/Editor

:/ don’t think it is

I’m running two systems both getting the same issue

System 1

Acer laptop
static ip
subnet mask

System 2

Macbook running Mountain Lion
Windows 7 in parallels (Bridged ethernet mode)

subnet mask

subnet mask

Exactly the same issue occuring…

(Macbook and Acer were not connected at the same time)

This seems to occur both in Mixrack only and surface and mixrack mode.

The ‘unsupported’ Mountain Lion version connects every third/forth time in Surface with Mixrack mode.

Any thoughts?

FoH Sound Engineer Plymouth Students Union

I have the same issue with mountain lion – it simply won’t connect in any way shape or form. Hopefully V1.9 which is due out any moment will resolve this.

I also have the same issue running W7 on parallels, I get all the connection options but none of them ‘see’ the mix rack, again this is related to mountain lion rather than windows.

If I use my old Sony VAIO on W7 I have no problems at all.

So the mountain lion issue is definitely software (mountain lion) rather than config related.

As for the acer laptop, silly question but is the firmware the same on both surface and rack?

Have you tried resetting the network settings on the rack?

idr-32 & T80 + iPad2/Editor