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I think it would be helpful for us to diferentiate between T and modular.

A lot of the suggestions have been “The T is great but it needs more I/O” well there’s a modular version for that.

Anyway, I love the T-112, move the back connectors higher up. I had to send a custom-built road case back twice for them to re-shape it so it could safely hold the console and make the ports accessable.

USB on the front.

Don’t need dual monitor support, just a ‘scenes display’ option for an external monitor, or something like that.

Locking IEC for t-surface

Make the side of the console one width do you know how hard it is to get a road case for the T-112 that fits well? It’s because the front half of the console is 2″ thicker than the back half, for, as far as I can see, no good reason. Just make the whole console as wide as the widest part needs to be, OR at least don’t make the fat part taper down to the front corners. Gave the road case guys some grief.

Dimmers on the LEDs? Maybe it’s just because i’ve worked with Yamaha consoles, but I was surprised not to find them.

But generally, love the console layout, love the workflow. Don’t change much, just build on what works.

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad