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With my day job in the healthcare software-as-a-service sector, I have major empathy for anyone who must commit to a release date.

A couple of notes, random order —

A&H absolutely cannot release an update that would put any portion of their their deployed fleet at risk. Nor should any of us want them to. Our reputations are at stake right alongside theirs.

Let the pre-release testers take their lumps in the silence of their NDAs. We members of the unwashed masses will be better off for it.

I also appreciate the many free updates and additional features that have been added to the iLive firmware since inauguration. I hope A&H can continue the tradition through 2.0 and beyond.

It is possible to restlessly wait for the release while being polite about it. I see a lot of that here. We are most definitely NOT a lynch mob. I am, however, hitting the refresh button on a browser window every couple of hours :)

Good day, madams and sirs :) :)