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R.E SSID, After a bit of reading …. it depends !

The access point transmits the SSID via a beacon message which is broadcast at mac level.

The clients can then just listen passively for broadcast messages:


The clients can however actively scan for access points by emitting probe request messages.

My guess would be when you have the wifi networks screen open on your iphone its actively scanning, otherwise its passive.

The problem with hiding your SSID is, you don’t stop the clients sending the probe messages when in active mode, and the Ap has to send beacons every 100ms anyway, so I’m not sure its much of a saving ! Also the SSID can still be found, which was the point I was making previously.


I’ve have heard lots of people say when the venue fills up with customers they get wifi drop outs. A guess would be this is a signal / reflection issue as opposed to the punters mobile phones interrogating the AP… but I could be wrong.

Most of this depends how Apple / Google etc have implemented their wifi scanning, and Apple at least appear to be keeping that part of the code private!

Anyway hope this helps.