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I don’t really need to do it that way, but I’d like to if possible. The main reason is so that I could set up compressors on the groups to keep the mix together a bit more easily. Everything but the lead vocal would be compressed in sub groups, keeping the vocal on top. I could take a bit of high mid out of the INSTR group for vocal clarity etc.

I don’t think I’m trying to route a group to a group, but I may have worded it so that it looked like I am. I actually tried that earlier tonight and came up with the above post as an alternative. “BAND” is actually LR, but renamed.

I was planning on using DCA’s for level control on “groups” of inputs but I’d like to be able to do the compression thing. eg. more aggressive threshold on instruments than vox. It’s not at all an issue if I can’t but it may make it a bit easier to mix if I have to leave someone else to mix a music service. (or it may have the opposite effect [:I])

I also need to do mixes for 4 monitor wedges, an overflow room and the USB recording. The overflow and recording could be fed from the same mix bus as the PA so that shouldn’t really be an issue.

I’m only planning on using 3 mono FX sends buses and inserting anything else. eg reverb on BGV group. Which reminds me, I haven’t actually tried that, can you insert an FX processor on a group?

To put all this in perspective less than 6 months ago we were using an 8 input analog console with no outboard, and it sort of worked. [:D]
We wern’t really doing any music though, so no wedges, and not feeding the overflow room.