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Oh I’m sorry for that! Seems my keyboard did some silly things. Please simply ignore that DCA post line [:I]

Now what I ment is this:

– DCA on aux and groups

because: People love to have a kind of personal monitoring. It is very nice to tell them “do it yourself” especially to this inEar guys. But most time 64 inputs and even more groups is to much for them to handle. So I’d love to have kind of “me and the rest” mix, with one fader “me” and just one fader “the others”. This should make everybody happy. Groups can do this in a way, but I allways loose busses if I do that.

I also had another Idea to make things much easier for personal monitoring for people that are no pros. They tend to allways turn everything up, but never down. they say: I’m not loud enough and turn themselfes up. They dont turn the others down then.
therefore It would be nice to have aux VCA as percentage faders. When turning a fader up the others automatically turn down, allways keeping the overall 100% volume. Users should never be able to make it clip this way.

– Adding a max levels value they cant go beyond should also prevent people form making everything clip.

thanks :)