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Hi All

R.E Comms drop outs over wifi we’ve been doing quite a lot of testing recently as were gearing up for OneMix release.

Our lost comms trigger is 10 seconds of no UDP comms between rack and Editor / MixPad.

The difference between Behringer and A&H may just be the timeout they’ve chosen, or they may not have one ! Try using the Behringer, then turn the router off, how long does it take to inform you the connection has been dropped?

The protocol they’ve chosen as well as the timeout will govern how forgiving their software is. Its a balancing act between not giving false positives, but also telling you as soon as possible if the router has been turned off.

Although I understand in this case its the same router, during our testing we’ve seen access point stutter relating to additional wireless clients going in and out of range. This varies massively by brand, and can have an impact on throughout; they’ll be more info on this shortly as its topical for OneMix users.




Thanks for the response. I will try that and see what happens.

Regardless, I realize there are many variables involved with WiFi performance. I just thought this to be an interesting observation with relatively low number of variables.