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Just tried a dell touch screen with editor and it’s NEARLY great. If only those faders where a bit bigger and greater separation between some functions buttons. A combination of a touch screen editor and the IPad app would be a killer combination. Pulling in faders into the custom screens works great on my touch screen as do many other functions.
Also, separate windows for custom screens to make multiple custom screens visible at the same time would be great (rather than tabs in the same window). This way, your whole screen could be full of custom widows with just the ins and outs you need for a particular artist. A lot of our multi band/artists gigs are are done on the fly and we don’t always know what’s on stage until the last minute. As it’s so easy to create these custom screens, it’s viable to creat these on the fly and make life easier.
Maybe in some future erase eh!
Meanwhile, Keep up the great work A&H
Cheers all, Mike Fogg