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I assume you are just using the router to run Editor?

Having never used the B-ringer I can’t comment on the difference between the two but assuming your friend hasn’t been using your actual router it could be the channel you are using on your router already has a lot of traffic on it. Or it could be as simple as their software does less so using a lot less bandwidth. All speculation I’m afraid


Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…

Yes, I am controlling my iLive with the Editor and/or mixpad – no surface.

The router configuration wasn’t changed so he was using the same channel, in the same venue in which I get the drop outs.

While it may be bandwidth, that’s a little hard for me to beleive that the iLive generates so much network traffic as to bog the router down. If it did, the router would never work but it does, and does fine for awhile but eventually will drop out.

I dunno, it is certainly all speculation but it is also interesting to see the difference in performance between the two systems. And for me, this provides evidence that it is not crowded spectrum causing the problem.