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HI All

I’m due to have a system running at a show by Friday moring and I’m having problems with my touchscreen in that it does not respond to any touches.

I’ve connected the keyboard and mouse and the pointer keeps snapping back to the bottom left of the screen.

I called American Music & Sound, they got me to reset the console etc with the dip switches, but nothing worked. They then said that maybe the screen is being pressed at the left bottom in some way and that they can’t do anything else (no I’m not complaining, they were good!)

I removed the back and lightly slackened the screws that holds the screen but still nothing [:(]

I’m bummed because this is my third large console from A&H and I bought this because the VCAs on my ML4000 started giving problems……..(my GL3300 also had to have the faders replaced)

I don’t mistreat my equipment, all are covered and in proper cases etc.

No I can’t cross-rent because there aren’t any other iLives around and the cost would be preventative to rent otherwise……….

I’m bummed because I’ve been gearing up to buy a Dante card and a GLD……………now I’m not so sure [:(]

Can anyone out there help please????


btw I’m currently in Trinidad, West Indies

Here’s a copy of a post that could possibly be of help to you. A&H support could help you with this. NOTE: SBC is the touchscreen computer.

Good point Rexeltw.

Yes you can run the recover SBC software on an external laptop in the event you do have an SBC failure.

This is included in the firmware package when you download it from the website. you will need to configure a PC laptop to be on a campatible and unique IP address. Run the DL5000SystemManager.exe and then when the connecion failed screen appears point the recovery SBC software at your surface and mixrack.

Note: this is recovery software only and not recommended to run along side the SBC in normal operation. Please use editor software for that purpose.

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