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Thanks tk2k I know about IDR expander but I didn’t think it was controllable from ilive.I agree about ace but for numerous rack-only/editor operators it would be so sweet to have a one unit sized box with some extra balanced inputs for the av people with their laptops. Conference gigs are a typical example. Such a unit with Dante would make it possible to have everything running on a single cat cable. I have recently been touring with a silent movie show with a live band and biderectional Dante audio to and from laptop, editor, remote desktop for recording mac on stage all on one cable. No problems after 15 consecutive shows.


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Its called an IDR Expander

I can’t see why A&H would embrace Dante as a native protocol. ACE is far superior for what iLive does. Dante is a wonderful connectivity protocol between manufacturers, but I can’t see why A&H would ever chose Dante over ACE for their native links. They had the option and chose to create dsnake for GLD.

The Rednet boxes are nice but they are two units, and they need breakout cables on DB25 plugs, which I find unpractical.


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Look at the focusrite rednet boxes. They all use Dante. There are several others also. I just don’t remember who makes them.

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