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No no, it is only control from FOH. No recording. What du you mean you you strongly discourage using long cables for Soundgrid? Hopefully you only mean for recording or connection to the waves stagerack from server….? For a festival I will need at least 80 meters of cat5e/cat6 from FOH to the Stagerack. The cable from my Waves Card to the switch and from there to the server is only 50cm or so.

I have a 50 meter dual cat5e cable, and even though the FOH guy renting ONLY uses multirack, no audio driver enabled or configured, he gets sync errors, click and pops from the soundgrid server. I have not really experienced this myself, but since the system is on tour with the production, I can’t get it home for testing.

I/he knows how the system is supposed to be configured, it just doesn’t work for him for some reason. Surface connected with separate Cat5e, Laptop connected with separate Cat5e, multirack running, no soundgrid driver/audio, lots of problems. It even takes him multiple restarts to even find the server sometimes. And this is not even through the R72 – I am stunned that anyone can ever get it to work through the surface with all these problems he’s having.

I do have a joint (neutrik) and a switch between the card and server, so I have asked him to run the cat5e cable directly from the card to the server instead, and report back.

The weirdest thing is, that he restarts the whole setup, and after a few times and good luck, the sync problems dissappear, and it will work flawlessly for the entire evening…!!