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There is definitely some cool stuff in 1.9. I see no mention of GEQ for IP channels though, only new GEQ types for mixes. I was really hoping for GEQ on IPs or an insertable GEQ. While I don’t use GEQ on an input I get a fair number of BEs here who really want them, and sometimes artists that want (or expect) them. Right now I have to route through a group to get a GEQ on an input. I can’t then send that group to an Aux or an FX which just complicates life. Speaking of which… I was really hoping to see the ability to send a bus to a bus. I want to be able to send a group to an FX without having to loop it back into the console with a patch cord (and using up another IP).

Still, I’m excited about the new features and I can’t wait to try them.