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Yes you are missing something – aux sends aren’t yet supported in the iLive Midi spec. If you look in the iLive Midi Protocol doc you will see the parameters that can be controlled. Firmware Version 1.9 due out on the 5th Nov will add aux/fx midi control plus other features including:

4 new GEQ models
New FX units: Dynamic EQ and Multiband compressors
More Audio Sync options (xDR / slave iDR)
Full control of option cards in xDR
48 inputs available from an xDR Port B
Optional Mix Rack boot scene (default scene at power up)
Extra User permissions
Support for AES Digital Output option
Stereo Input Width control and mode
Configurable source point in meters page
Channel Delay Bypass switch
Partial Bank linking preferences
Port B output channel pairs can be set as stereo
AVIOM port now accessible on M-MMO in Surface Port B
New PL Switch function Mix/Sel/PAFL/Scene Recall
MIDI control of Aux and FX Send levels
MIDI control of Mix button
MIDI command to read Port B routing / names
Improved user interface in Port B ACE settings (redundant link)
Improvements to Mix coherency
Scene names and descriptions now stored in the Mix Rack for consistency across multiple users / control options
Firmware ‘red cross’ will no longer appear in the Home screen when an event is logged
Gain reduction indicators on meters page now show if dynamics are In or Out
plus other improvements….


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