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I guess in going through the thread the first time, overly complex and user hostile kind of stuck with me as the main themes of the thread. Hence my previous post. I was just trying to emphasize that one can reduce complexity by using only what you need. I hope I wasn’t perceived as being disrespectful.

But having gone through it again, I understand that it is more about non audio issues. Connectivity, networking etc… If you are not familiar with computers, networks and how to configure them, I certainly see how this can be a source of frustration and/or anxiety. The Ilive systems (mixrack and surface) are preconfigure to work together out of the box. If you are adding wireless connectivity with a router, yes you have to configure it, but once it is configured, you should be good to go night after night. Unlike other digital consoles, the ilives layout is completely configurable which may also add to its complexity…

I’m an old fart too and in the ‘old’ days, there was a different kind of complexity. Configuring the system consisted of lugging around and wiring all that outboard gear (sends/returns, inserts…). With no recall of show set-ups, sound checks were a good chunk of work also.

So to answer naffdave’s original question, I don’t feel that the technology has shifted away from just getting a good sound. It all depends on what the operator is comfortable with. As a note, I recently turned down a gig because I was not familiar with the digital desk supplied by the venue. I explained to the artist that I didn’t currently have the time to familiarize myself with the desk and I didn’t want to compromise the show by spending 80% of my effort trying to figure out how to do something on the desk.

Paul [:)]