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Actually, I rethought htis config and realised there is no way to assign the left of the stereo group only to the mono matrix so, you will have to go out from the outputs of the stereo groups and then the re-inputs can be fed to groups.

Of course, as tk2k mentions the returns for this level of complexity may not be as good as you hope.

It might work to have 1 level of groups and gang them only linking the compression so you can work it that way instead.

What this exercise should do is encourage you to think about things in interesting ways and try new stuff and see what works.

In that sense this has been a great exercise, thanks :)

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This method would not work to the op’s liking mainly because of the latency ( extreme phasing) issues introduced by the multiple signal paths…….

from the wiki : If the normal analog method is used for a digital compressor, the signals traveling through the parallel pathways will arrive at the summing mixer at slightly different times, creating unpleasant comb-filtering and phasing effects. In the digital domain, the two pathways must both have the same number of processing stages: the “straight” pathway is assigned a compression stage which is not given an aggressively high ratio. In this case, the two signals both go through compression stages, and both pathways are delayed the same amount of time, but one is set to do no dynamic range compression, or to do very little, and the other is set for high amounts of gain reduction

Eventually one might take advantage of the parallel (new york) compression algorithm found on the ILive’s compressor page.