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Hello all, Newish engineer here also new to the iLive (T80). The Boss today requested I reset “ALL” codes (passwords, methinks), including the router code citing a potential security issue?

a) I don’t know what security issue he speaks of – human factor or server issue
b) Worst case scenario, starting with the router, how do I reset the code/password and do I also need to reset all the user passwords? Are there other passwords I’m not aware of?
c) Would appreciate an explanation of the breakdown of security levels within the iLive.

Thanks much!

You know, the way you wrote this, it sounds more like you are trying to break IN to a security system than to SECURE it….

For everything you’ve mentioned you will need the current username and password to change the usernames and passwords. With the iLive, if you forget a user password you basically have to reset internal jumpers to clear the user passwords.
For the router, refer to the router’s manual.

In terms of general security policy, secure your wifi network with a strong password, since the iLive Editor software is freely available online. Change your router login and password to something other than ‘admin admin’.

Security for the ilive depends entirely on who is using it, and what the environment is. If it lives in a sound booth locked off from people during a show, there’s no security needed. If you mix in the seats, you should set a basic password so if you walk away you can lock the screen.

Lastly, your iLive should NOT be on a public facing network connected the internet, or an internal network, so ‘server issues’ doesn’t make any sense in this context?

Other than that, I really don’t understand your questions

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