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Hi Tim,

I would also be surprised if tenperture is the only factor at play here

We have done multiple outdoor shows in peak australian summer meaning ambient temperature well in excess of 40 degrees C and have never had a fault with an IDR although we rarely have them in direct sunlight.

The Temperature is monitored at several points in the surface, rack & power supplies and if the set threshhold is exceeded a red X warning comes up.

If you didnt see a rex X come up i would hazard a guess that the increase in temperature is causing an issue with a component even though the rack is still within safe operating limits

My memory is there are 4 monitoring points of the Mix Rack temp which are available from the utility screen so when you say it was 50 deg were all 4 at 50 Deg or just one?

You can also reset the trip points I would suggest some trial and error experimentation and if it contiues to happen raise a service tag with your local distributor.