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You should take your surface to a service center and get it cleaned good and well. After that, see if you still have mix button problems. My guess is the mix buttons are not responding due to sand in the console.


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I have a major problem with the mix and sel buttons on ilive r72.

There is SAND in the console due to a gig I did on a beach so the buttons are kind of stuck in the position where they are pushed down in the console. So in order to make each sel button active I had to “pull it up” first then push it back down. But now there seems to be a software problem too, beacuse now none of the buttons can be active without first select the “name and color” button first, then make any specific sel button active while in the “n&c” menu. Makes no sense.

None Of the mix buttons work whatever I do. So that also seems to be a software problem. Its a good thing I got the iPad to work with the console just before this happend, or else I would’nt be able to adjust any monitor levels.

Anyone ever had this problem/experience? what shall I do?
Strange thing is, it has been this way for months now but not until I updated the console to the latets version the “software” problem came.

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