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Sorry you are not happy with the case. We do not manufacture the case for the GLD. It is built by Aemando Cases In California and this is the first time we have received any complaints about their cases. The case was designed to be a lightweight flight case with a mini doghouse. There are multiple cases companies which also can make custom cases. Some other case companies include
Georgia case company, Jan Al. Keil cases, and many more. I will be more than happy to provide you with the. Cad drawings for the case companies. As we don’t make the case we only stock the Armando case and none of the others as most of these companies are small custom case manufacturers.

Sorry your not happy with the case, this case has been proved to be a good low cost flight case for the gLD. There are other cases out ther which are more heavy duty but also be prepared as some of these offerings are substantially more money.

Feel free to ema me directly. If you have any further questions.